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Oct 31

Workshop at Batemans Bay

I do so like having a post, it is like therapy, but finding the time to update it is difficult, I don’t know how some people can update daily. I admire the discipline they must have.

Pair of Galahs
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Last weekend’s workshop was at my dear friend Judy’s in Batemans Bay. I drove down on the Friday - it takes five hours to drive  from my place to her place. The workshop was on the Saturday and it was a great success, I just loved it. It was so nice being with the girls again they made me feel very welcome. Often when people retire and move away, you loose touch, however Judy will never allow that to happen. In order for us to see one another at least once a year she organises a workshop. Thank you Judy for a wonderful week-end! We painted ’Pink and Grey Galahs‘ and whilst we were painting the wild Galahs were feeding from the bird feeders Judy has in her garden. I say ‘wild’ only because they are not caged (I would hate to think anyone would consider the galahs to be that wild that they would attack). Not many painters are lucky enough to have the birds to actually join them; they are such clowns, hanging upside down and playing around like naughty kids would. Real show-offs.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to go on a painting tour around Europe. I met an American girl on the tour named Arlene and we immediately became friends and had lot of fun together. When Arlene came to Australia the first time, she stayed with me and, as I had a workshop in Parkes organized for the week-end she was to arrive, I thought it would be great for her to come along as she would be able see a little of our country that most tourists wouldn’t get a chance to see. Parkes is a country town in NSW. ‘Why am I telling you this story,’ you might ask? Well as I was writing about the Galahs I was reminded of Arlene’s reaction when she saw her first pink and grey galah: she was amazed at their bright colours and that there was so many of them.

But anyway, back to the workshop. I somehow managed to leave all my good watercolour brushes at home but luckily I had other brushes with me that I could make do with. It made me realise, however, how much easier it is to paint if you do have the right equipment.

Some tips:

  • Tip 1: As Christmas is nearly upon us why don’t you put a good watercolour brush on your wish list? If I could only have one brush, it would be a No.7 Raphail 803. This brush can be used for everything from washes to fine line work. I have an addiction for brushes, I just love them, if I have any spare cash I will always buy a new brush over a new bra any time.
  • Tip 2: Another thing I was once again made aware of. Clean water is essential and you must remember to change your water often - otherwise you end up with a muddy painting. I have a double sided water container; I wash out my dirty brush on one side and use the other side for my painting.
  • Tip 3: When signing your painting, always be aware that you will have a mount as well as a frame so you will need to put your signature a little higher in to the painting.

I have more to tell, but no time to write more. So I will tell you about my new addiction - Card making - that Judy started me on next time.

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