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Sep 16

Christmas art projects

It looks as though I might have to put my travel teaching aside for a while and behave like a good wife and mother as Linden is still not well enough to be left alone. I thought I might get in to the Christmas spirit and start to finish some of the projects I have started to paint and never finished - in fact I pulled out a Christmas box this morning that I started 10 years ago! I add something to it each year; you never know I might even finish it this time. It is amazing, though, how my style of painting has changed over the years. I just love Christmas and all the glitter that goes with it. Because of my travelling, I have been able to accumulate some wonderful Christmas objects to paint from the various studios I have taught at all over Australia. So now is the time to finish them. Why don’t you join me? Finish those unfinished objects. Send me some photos when you do, I would love to see them (and if you’re OK with it, we can post them here too).

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  1. marion watkins November 23rd, 2009 3:41 pm

    Hi Carol, I just love your painting of Christmas even though it is not finished,I am the same I have a few myself but that is the beauty of this art you can go back to do a bit more. Well Carol have a great time this season also enjoy the food that comes with it.Regards Marion. Merry Christmas.

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