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Jun 2

Leaving for Victoria

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Just to let you know I will not be around for 12 days as I am leaving for Victoria to conduct some workshops.

I leave on Wednesday morning at 4am. I like to leave early so that I miss the early morning peak hour traffic through Sydney. It will take me about 12 hours to get to where I am staying, just outside of Ballarat. I will stop to have morning tea at the bakers in Holebrook where I meet Jenny who owns the studio in Rosewood, she will take the frames and paints etc. that are required for her workshop on my return journey home. It  means I will not have to take them with me and then bring them back again.

The bakers make good coffee so it’s a good excuse to stop. It is a long drive but I love it. I love being on my own driving through this beautiful country of ours, I just have to be very careful that I don’t pick up another speeding ticket, not that I speed as I have speed control on my car but I somehow have lost points in the last four years and they mount up. Anyway I am prattling on now,  I will take some photos of my workshops to share with you, there are some very talented painters out there. Till then Bye for now.


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