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Jul 31

Getting ready for my trip to Queensland

As I will be leaving Sydney for my Queensland painting tour on the 19th. of August, I thought I had better let you know how it is all going. In one word: terrible. I am so behind with everything - my poor husband, Linden, has been very ill and is in hospital, but thank God he is now on the way to recovery. Consequentally, I am behind.

It’s not all bad, though.┬á I am back on track and today I have already achieved quite a lot. It is amazing what you can fit into your life when you have to. My daughter has created a picture gallery of some of my paintings and┬áI hope everyone will have a look and comment on them. Unless I get feedback on my blog I am not sure if you are enjoying it! I thought I would take pictures on my trek to Queensland as I go and post them┬áhere - that way you can travel┬á with me. What do you think?

I must get back to work. Nice talking to you. Regards, Cas

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  1. Arlene August 1st, 2008 10:47 am

    Aha…I finally got through! I do like the photos and updates on this blog; however, I don’t always take the time to let you know.
    It would be great to be updated on your Queensland adventures, too.

    Linden is in our prayers.

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