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Oct 16

Daisies make me smile

On October the 23rd I’ll be leaving at 4am on my little jaunt to Victoria. However my daughter Georgina and son-in-law Micheal will be on their way back from fishing in the beautiful Tumbarumba area so hopefully we can meet up for coffee around 11am.

I am going down to Brewster, which is between Ballarat and Beauford on the way to Adelaide. It’s 20 minutes out of Ballarat and I’m going for some R&R with my friends Ted and Colin. I will be painting a new painting for beginners whilst I’m there, called Daisies Make Me Smile.  That’s on Saturday. On Sunday, I’m doing the Hunter Valley Shed with students who have painted with me before. I’m having a well-earned rest on Monday, but on Tuesday I’ll be painting Pink and Grey Galahs in Geelong with Leony Hoekstra at Friendly Folk.

And then, in Woodbe Crafty, on Friday November 2nd, I’ll be doing Daisies Make Me Smile again. Then I’m back home, stopping in with Jenny Mursett at Rosewood. We are doing the third of a series of Tuscan painting called the Fruit Shop. Then it’s back home again on November 5.

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